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21 Rue Nationale
83310 Cogolin


Moroccan evenings

  • 10. August
  • 17th August
  • 24th August

La Table de Fès: In the sign of Spices of Morocco

Located in the heart of the village of Cogolin is La Table de Fes. The house has been run for a decade by the patron Slimane Mrani. He wants to share the typical and fresh dishes of his homeland with his guests. Enjoy the Moroccan specialities on the terrace. Visit the Moroccan evenings with oriental music and belly dance. Taste the traditional “Couscous Royal”, but also “lamb tajine with candied plums” or “tajine with chicken, pickled lemons and olives” prepared with vegetables from the region and spices from Morocco or pastries prepared by the patroness, Fatima.

Open for lunch and dinner from 20 January to December. In July and August closed for lunch (except by appointment).
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21, rue Nationale, Cogolin